Story of My Death (Història de la Meva Mort), by Albert Serra (Spain/France, 2013)

From inaction-image to the furious impurity of desire by Victor Guimarães While a gorgeous melody fills the night – guitar, woodwinds, smooth percussion – a couple is sitting at the table, behind a small candlestick. The frame is frontal, almost Byzantine: wearing costumes from the eighteenth century, the bodies rub against each other, awkwardly; the girl faces the camera sometimes, absentmindedly. There is the solemnity of clothing and décor, and there is the incomparable lushness of those performances, swaying in and out of character during … Read more Story of My Death (Història de la Meva Mort), by Albert Serra (Spain/France, 2013)

Housemaids (Doméstica), by Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil, 2012)

Politics behind the camera by Victor Guimarães The alliance between the manifested desire to discuss class relations in contemporary Brazil and the search for unconventional approaches to the filmed subject has become a constant presence in the films of Gabriel Mascaro since his second feature film, High-rise (2009). Assuming different forms and achieving very distinct results, this double gesture – shared by films such as Pacific (2009) and Câmara Escura (2012), by Marcelo Pedroso – reaches an impressive radicalism in Housemaids (2012). In the three … Read more Housemaids (Doméstica), by Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil, 2012)

A conversation with Nicole Brenez

“Each film is a laboratory” by Raul Arthuso and Victor Guimarães At least since 1997, when the letters which later would make the first chapter of Movie Mutations (a book organized by Jonathan Rosembaum and Adrian Martin and published by the BFI in 2003) first appeared in the important french magazine Trafic, Nicole Brenez has been recognized as one of the most influential voices in contemporary cinephilia. In Brenez’s letter (part of a group of cinephiles who were “the children of the 1960s”, which also … Read more A conversation with Nicole Brenez